Los Angeles | New York | Amsterdam

Born in California, Rachel Kooyman is a professional Make-Up artist with a Master degree from the Make-Up Designory in Los Angeles.
Adding up to nearly two decades of experience working in the Beauty & Film industry, Rachel has the skills and abilities to work with bridal & glamorous looks as well as making prosthetics and building script characters.

Rachel brings to Amsterdam her Hollywood’s tricks of the trade to meet your needs!

In Amsterdam since 2018, Rachel pursues her career as a Make-Up Artist, Consultant and Educator providing Masterclasses on SFX, prosthetics, blood making and with her “ice breaking personality & skills” Rachel has developed a class called “The Psychology of the Chair” a term that she uses for assessment of her clients.

“Getting such diverse people in my chair and making them feel comfortable and confident was the key to my success” — Rachel Kooyman 

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